Iberian Salchichon ‘Self Service’ - Estirpe Negra (240 g)

Iberian Salchichon ‘Self Service’ - Estirpe Negra (240 g)
Brand: Estirpe Negra
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Iberian Salchichon ‘Self Service’ by Estirpe Negra

Estirpe Negra selects only the finest cuts of the renowned Iberian pig to produce this exceptional Salchichon.

The pork is coarsely minced and seasoned with spices according to traditional recipes, and encased in natural intestine casing. The Salchichon is then left to cure slowly and naturally.

This Salchichon has an exceptional taste and aroma, thanks to its traditional and artisanal manufacturing process.

Presentation: Individually vacuum-packed Salchichon in an elegant cardboard sleeve.
Net Weight: 240 g
(Each 100 g of product is prepared using 143 g of raw meat)

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