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Lustau ‘Papirusa’ Solera Reserva - ‘Manzanilla’ Sherry (750 ml)
Straw yellow in colour, with a piercing and intense bouquet of minerals, salt and ‘flor’..
Ex Tax: 10.83€
Lustau ‘Don Nuño’ Solera Reserva - ‘Oloroso’ Sherry (750 ml)
This is a dark but transparently clear, bronze colour wine with a coppery hue. Appetizing aromas are..
Ex Tax: 20.32€
Lustau ‘Escuadrilla’ Solera Reserva - ‘Rare Amontillado’ Sherry (750 ml)
Clear bronze-amber colour, and not too dark. Pleasant freshly-cracked pecan scents gain complexity f..
Ex Tax: 20.32€
Lustau ‘Peninsula’ Solera Reserva - ‘Palo Cortado’ Sherry (750 ml)
A dark colour, with shades of amber. This wine combines the delightful finesse of the ‘Amontil..
Ex Tax: 20.32€
Aldeya ‘Barrica’ - Aylés (750 ml)
The Aldeya ‘Barrica’ is small preview of the long-awaited and highly-expected Pago Wines..
Ex Tax: 7.09€
Pago Aylés ‘a’ (Red) - Aylés (750 ml)
Pago Aylés ‘a’ is the first ‘Pago’ wine from Aragon, and the only &ls..
Ex Tax: 7.95€
Aldeya ‘Serendipia’ (Red) - Aylés (750 ml)
Serendipia Merlot and Serendipia Garnacha (two different mono-varietals depending on the market). It..
Ex Tax: 13.95€
Brandy Terry ‘Centenario’ - Terry (1 l)
Brandy Terry ‘Centenario’ by Terry Spain’s Number 1 Brandy… Even thou..
Ex Tax: 10.15€
Brandy Terry ‘1900’ - Terry (700 ml)
Brandy Terry ‘1900’ by Terry Terry 1900 ‘Solera Reserva’, produced in Ter..
Ex Tax: 14.10€
Brandy ‘Cardenal Mendoza’ Clásico - Solera Gran Reserva (700 ml)
In 1887 the owners of ‘Sánchez Romate Hermanos’ began to make a unique, different..
Ex Tax: 21.00€
La Castellana - Sweet Anisette (700 ml)
‘Anis la Castellana’ is a sweet anis-anisette from Spain, and has been the country&rsquo..
Ex Tax: 8.50€
Moscatel ‘Oro’ - Valdepablo (750 ml)
Liqueur wine (Muscatel) made from the ‘Muscat of Alexandria’ grape variety. Notes:&nb..
Ex Tax: 5.53€
Ruavieja - Herb Liqueur (700 ml)
Ruavieja - Spain’s Most Famous Grape Spirit! Made in Santiago de Compostela in the north-ea..
Ex Tax: 8.26€
Ruavieja - Coffee Liqueur (700 ml)
Ruavieja - Spain’s Most Famous Grape Spirit! Delicate liqueur produced with a selection of ..
Ex Tax: 10.34€
Ruavieja - Ruavieja Cream (700 ml)
Ruavieja - Spain’s Most Famous Grape Spirit! ‘Ruavieja Cream’ is made from crea..
Ex Tax: 12.42€
Ruavieja - Pacharan (700 ml)
Pacharan by Ruavieja, a liqueur made from the blackthorn or sloe berries that grow wild in Navarra (..
Ex Tax: 8.64€
Pago Aylés ‘l’ (Rosé) - Aylés (750 ml)
The only rosé ‘Vino de Pago’ in Spain, and with a limited edition black bottle. ..
8.41€ 7.87€
Ex Tax: 6.50€
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