Chocolate Spread with EVOO and Fleur de Sel - La Chinata

Chocolate Spread with EVOO and Fleur de Sel - La Chinata
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Chocolate Spread with EVOO and Fleur de Sel by La ChinataLa Chinata Logo

This Chocolate Spread with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Fleur de Sel is a gourmet version of the classic chocolate creams, thanks to its touch of Olive Oil and Salt, giving it a truly unique flavour. The difference between this and other creams lies not only in the selection of top-quality ingredients obtained from organic farming, but also in the fact that it is not made with any palm oil, nor does it contain lactose. The combination of Olive Oil and Salt enhances the aroma of the black chocolate and provides a variety of irresistible nuances in the mouth.

Its texture is very smooth and easy to spread, making it perfect to spread on bread or toast, or to make delicious homemade desserts.

Presentation: Glass Jar
Contents: 130 g
Ingredients: Cocoa Paste, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Cane Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Sunflower Lecithin, Vanilla, Fleur de Sel
Minimum Cocoa Content: 48%

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