Black Fleur de Sel - La Chinata (190 g)

Black Fleur de Sel - La Chinata (190 g)
Black Fleur de Sel - La Chinata (190 g) Black Fleur de Sel - La Chinata (190 g)
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Black Fleur de Sel by La Chinata

This is in fact a unique and original mixture of fine crystals of Fleur de Sel (‘Flor de Sal’, as it is known in Spanish) with squid ink, resulting in blackish salt crystals with a crispy texture and slightly sweet taste of the squid ink.

This product is considered as a gourmet salt due to the difficulty of its production.

The uses of this peculiar salt are endless… It is ideal for white fish prepared in any way, molluscs, rice dishes, pastas, sauces, breads, seafood, and of course, to decorate more elaborate plates and dishes. A few of the most important dishes are: Paella with black rice and Alioli, black hamburger buns, red peppers stuffed with cod in sauce, risotto with squid and prawns… Your imagination is the limit.

This salt, besides looking spectacular, with add a special taste to your dishes.

Contents: 190 g
Ingredients: Flower of Salt, Squid Ink (2%)

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