'Seasoned Salts' Mini Pack - La Chinata

'Seasoned Salts' Mini Pack - La Chinata
'Seasoned Salts' Mini Pack - La Chinata
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'Seasoned Salts' Mini Pack by La ChinataLa Chinata Logo

This Pack of Seasoned Salts by La Chinata contains a selection of salts seasoned with different natural ingredients to give a special touch to your favourite dishes.

They are all made using a base of Fleur de Sel Flakes, a healthier alternative to ordinary refined salt, seeing as they are obtained from the evaporation of sea water.

The Fleur de Sel Flakes stand out for their crunchy texture, irregular granules and mild taste. It is a product often used in haute cuisine to enhance the flavour of dishes and to add a pleasant texture.

This pack contains the following seasoned salts, each one presented in a practical glass tube for ease of use:

  • Salt with Paprika (12 g)
  • Salt with Lemon (12 g)
  • Salt with Black Olives (12 g)
  • Salt with Chilli (12 g)
  • Salt with Curry (12 g)

These salts should be used just before serving the dishes, or directly at the table. Only a small amount is necessary, seeing as this salt is very pure and dissolves easily in contact with the food.

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