Acorn-Fed Pure Iberian Loin (Hand-Sliced) - Cinco Jotas (80 g)

Acorn-Fed Pure Iberian Loin (Hand-Sliced) - Cinco Jotas (80 g)
Acorn-Fed Pure Iberian Loin (Hand-Sliced) - Cinco Jotas (80 g) Acorn-Fed Pure Iberian Loin (Hand-Sliced) - Cinco Jotas (80 g)
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Hand-Sliced Acorn-Fed Pure Iberian Loin by Cinco JotasCinco Jotas (5J) Logo

Genuine 'Cinco Jotas' Hand-Sliced Acorn-Fed Pure Iberian Loin... the only certified by '5 Jotas' as sliced by hand by their own master slicers.

'Cinco Jotas' Acorn-Fed Pure Iberian Cured Loin is made from the iliospinal muscle of 100% pure Iberian pigs reared in the vast pastures of the Iberian Peninsula and fed on acorns during the 'Montanera' fattening period.

During the production process, the external fat, aponeurosis and tendons are removed, after which the loin is salted, marinated and stuffed into a natural gut casing. Once it has fully matured, it has a slightly flat, rounded shape.

After the Loins have been cured to their optimal point in cellars, they go through a rigorous selection process to ensure that only the very best, which reach the most exquisite organoleptic standards and which offer unrivalled quality, are finally chosen to bear the world-famous ‘5J’ label.

'5 Jotas' Pure Iberian Cured Loin has a mild red pepper (paprika) flavour with a pleasant smoky aftertaste.

Net Weight: 80 g
Presentation: Vacuum-packed loin, inside an attractive cardboard sleeve.

Note: Unlike most online stores that obtain '5 Jotas' products from distributors, purchases all its '5 Jotas' products directly from the manufacturer (Sanchez Romero Carvajal, which belongs to the Osborne Group). This allows us to offer extremely competitive prices and, more importantly, also enables us to guarantee the freshness and quality of all our '5 Jotas' products.

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