Truffle Sauce - La Chinata (140 g)

Truffle Sauce - La Chinata (140 g)
Truffle Sauce - La Chinata (140 g)
Brand: La Chinata
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Truffle Sauce by La Chinata

Delicious Truffle Sauce, made with truffles, wild mushrooms and La Chinata’s renowned Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

This sauce is ideal to ‘liven up’ the taste of any dish... Ravioli ‘al dente’ stuffed with four cheeses and truffle sauce, or a grilled beef fillet accompanied by truffle sauce.

Presentation: Attractive glass jar
Contents: 140 g (Net weight)
Ingredients: Pleurotus Silvestre (33%), Agaricusbisporus (31%), Onion (15%), Extra Virgin Olive Oil (8%), Craterellus Cornucopiodes (7%), T. Aestivum (3%), Salt, Pepper, Aroma

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