Blue Salt - La Chinata (280 g)

Blue Salt - La Chinata (280 g)
Blue Salt - La Chinata (280 g) Blue Salt - La Chinata (280 g)
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Persian Blue Salt by La Chinata

A unique blue-coloured rock salt from Iran, rich in trace elements...

From the pristine island of Molokai in the archipelago of Hawaii, with volcanic clay sediment on the seabed, to the mines of a remote mountain in Iran, where a sea once used to be, passing through the Himalayas, where salt formed 250 million years ago... La Chinata has selected these special corners of the world, thanks to the rich and peculiar salts that have remained there conserved through the ages.

At first sight, they are aesthetically eye-catching... colour, brightness, irregular granules… that make them very attractive on the table. But what really makes these salts interesting is their composition. Their richness in essential minerals needed by the body, like calcium, iron, potassium, etc.

Moreover, because of their origin, they are considered of the cleanest and purest salts there are. They come from oceans that dried up more than 200 million years ago, meaning that they are completely free of any pollution.

Owing to the rapid solubility of these salts, it is recommended to season the food just before placing it on the food, thus allowing you to enjoy its flavour and texture.

Persian salt is rock salt harvested from a mine in Iran, where the sea deposited the salt in what is now a mountain. It contains beautiful blue crystals, formed by natural fossilization allowed by the specific conditions of this unique site.

It is ideal for poultry, white meats, fish, salads, vinaigrettes, etc.

Contents: 280 g
Ingredients: Persian Blue Salt (100%)

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