Cured Goat Cheese 'Muñerengue' - Letux

Cured Goat Cheese 'Muñerengue' - Letux
Cured Goat Cheese 'Muñerengue' - Letux Cured Goat Cheese 'Muñerengue' - Letux Cured Goat Cheese 'Muñerengue' - Letux
Brand: Quesos Artesanos Letux
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Cured Goat Cheese 'Muñerengue' by Quesos Artesanos Letux.

Cured cheese with pressed paste, made with raw goat milk.

This cheese has a smooth crust, with slight marks of the cotton cloths used to line the moulds during the pressing process. The crust is natural, with a variety of colours ranging from white, greyish, bluish-green, depending on the kinds of mould that cover the cheese during the curing process. The crust also has a distinct smell to humid hay.

The paste has a pale off-white colour. It is slightly darker than expected for a goat cheese, due to the fact that it is made with raw milk from goats that pasture throughout the year, and that it is more cured. These two factors also affect its taste and smell.

It has a fresh, herbaceous smell, that reminds of freshly cut hay and wild flowers.

The texture of this paste is also slightly harder than that of semi-cured cheeses. It is somewhat buttery at first, but turns creamy in the mouth as it melts.

It has a well-balanced taste, although it reveals its subtle sweetness amongst other herbaceous and even meaty aromas, which persist in the mouth.

Maturing: 4 - 6 months approximately for the larger cheeses, and 2 - 4 months for the smaller ones.

* Due to the artisanal nature of these cheeses, the weights displayed are approximate.

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