Organic Sweet Paprika - La Chinata

Organic Sweet Paprika - La Chinata
Organic Sweet Paprika - La Chinata
Brand: Pimentón La Chinata
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Organic Sweet Paprika by La ChinataEU Organic Farming

This Organic Sweet Paprika Powder by La Chinata is made from fresh, ripe red peppers, obtained from 100% Organic farming, which are dried naturally, without using wood to smoke them.

The peppers are then ground several times, which gives this Paprika its unique, fine texture.

La Chinata Paprika is like no other in the world. Its aroma, flavour and colour are characteristics which can only be reproduced in this area of Spain, using the traditional manufacturing process.

This Sweet variety has a mild, yet intense flavour, and is especially suited to those who are not particularly fond of hot or smoked spices.

Recommended for use in fish and rice dishes and soups, and is also guaranteed to add a special touch to your favourite dish.

Presentation: Tin
Net Weight: 70 g
Ingredients: 100% Pure Organic Paprika Powder (Non Smoked)

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